Welcome to the Theoretical Quantum Matter group website.
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We are an academic group of theoretical physicists working on various aspects of condensed matter physics, ranging from superconductivity, Dirac matter, the interplay of quantum matter and electrical, optical and mechanical phenomena to novel states of matter.

Asia Pacific-Nordita Meeting on Quantum Matter
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We will host a APCTP-Nordita one week workshop with the focus on Quantum Matter. Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) and Nordita are conducting a joint workshop on Quantum Matter to explore recent developments and new connections between condensed matter and high energy physics

New Course on Modern Condensed Matter Physics
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Many of our group’s members will teach a graduate couorse on modern topics of Condensed Matter Physics. The essential topics will include: Experimental techniques: neutron scattering, ARPES, optics. We also will discuss collective behavior, transport theory, band structure, quantum phase transitions, magnetism, superconductivity and superfluidity, correlated materials and machine learning and data informatics applied to electronic materials, topological states.

Find out what we do
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We work on a wide range of topics in Condensed Matter Theory, ranging from Dirac materials, to both Conventional and Odd-Frequency Superconductivity, as well as, Material Informatics and Machine Learning,

Meet our group & collaborators
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Our group is comprised of a dedicated team of members and collaborators with expertise in a wide range of topics in Condensed Matter Theory and Material Informatics.

Stay in touch with us
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Through our news feed, you can follow updates about our research, press releases, new papers coming our group, as well as updates from ongoing seminars and workshops organised by us.

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