Latest Past Events

Seminar – Prof. Andrei Derevianko – University of Nevada, Reno

Searches for dark matter and exotic astrophysics with networks of quantum sensors. As precision quantum sensors  become ubiquitous, it is natural to combine them into networks. I will focus on searches for exotic physics signals with networks of quantum sensors. Most of my work is related to atomic clocks and I will give a general […]

Seminar – Glenn Wagner – Oxford University

Kekule spiral order in twisted bilayer graphene Twisted bilayer graphene has attracted a lot of attention due to the presence of correlated insulators proximate to superconductivity. In this talk I will present a new proposal for the nature of the correlated insulators. This order, which we dub the 'incommensurate Kekule spiral' (IKS) order, spontaneously breaks […]

Seminar – Prof. Björn Trauzettel – University of Würzburg

Direct detection of odd-frequency superconductivity Odd-frequency superconductivity is a dynamical phenomenon. The time-dependence of the anomalous Green function matters. Therefore, a dynamical response is needed to directly detect odd-frequency superconductivity. We propose a novel type of detection scheme based on two-pulse, time-resolved ARPES noise measurements. Remarkably, the experimental response is directly proportional to the anomalous […]