Dynamic multiferroicity of a ferroelectric quantum critical point – K. Dunnett, J. Zhu, N. A. Spaldin, V. Juricic, A. V. Balatsky (2018)


“Quantum matter hosts a large variety of phases, some coexisting, some competing; when two or more orders occur together, they are often entangled and cannot be separated. Dynamical multiferroicity, where fluctuations of electric dipoles lead to magnetization, is an example where the two orders are impossible to disentangle. Here we demonstrate an elevated magnetic response of a ferroelectric near the ferroelectric quantum critical point (FE QCP), since magnetic fluctuations are entangled with ferroelectric fluctuations. We thus suggest that any ferroelectric quantum critical point is an inherent multiferroic quantum critical point. We calculate the magnetic susceptibility near the FE QCP and find a region with enhanced magnetic signatures near the FE QCP and controlled by the tuning parameter of the ferroelectric phase. The effect is small but observable—we propose quantum paraelectric strontium titanate as a candidate material where the magnitude of the induced magnetic moments can be ∼5×10−7  μB per unit cell near the FE QCP.”


Physical Review Letters