Lecture series on dynamic quantum matter – Prof. A. Balatsky

Quantum matter out of equilibrium emerge as an important platform to induce correlations and transient orders. Broad basic questions about orders that are inherently dynamic have been addressed in the context of driven cold atoms, spins, magnetic states and superconductors. In this cycle of lectures I will discuss new orders that emerge in quantum matter as a result of dynamic drive, coherence and entanglement[1].


Lecture 1. Dynamics and Entangled Orders

In this lecture I will introduce the concept of dynamic multiferroicity and illustrate it in ferroelectrics where driven electric fluctuations induce magnetization [2].



Lecture 2. Dynamics in Dirac Materials

Topological Dirac and Weyl materials offer interesting advantages for dynamic states. I will discuss the transient states induced in Dirac materials as result of a pumping. The interactions between excited quasiparticle states in Dirac nodes will induce transient excitonic states and possible condensate state out of equilibrium. I will present transient exciton and magnon condensate in Dirac Materials [3,4].



Lecture 3: Quantum Matter and Dark Matter Sensors

Foundational questions about the nature of the dark matter in the universe require new approaches. I will discuss the dark matter puzzle and recent proposals of using quantum materials platform for dark matter sensing where quantum coherence and entanglement offer unique advantages (Avogadro scaling). I will outline recent proposal using multiferroics and Dirac materials as sensors of dark matter[5].



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