Multiferroic quantum criticality – A. Narayan, A. Cano, A. V. Balatsky, N. A. Spaldin (2019)


The zero-temperature limit of a continuous phase transition is marked by a quantum critical point, which can generate physical effects that extend to elevated temperatures. Magnetic quantum criticality is now well established, and has been explored in systems ranging from heavy fermion metals to quantum Ising materials. Ferroelectric quantum critical behaviour has also been recently demonstrated, motivating a flurry of research investigating its consequences. Here, we introduce the concept of multiferroic quantum criticality, in which both magnetic and ferroelectric quantum criticality occur in the same system. We develop the phenomenology of multiferroic quantum criticality and describe the associated experimental signatures, such as phase stability and modified scaling relations of observables. We propose several material systems that could be tuned to multiferroic quantum criticality utilizing alloying and strain as control parameters. We hope that these results stimulate exploration of the interplay between different kinds of quantum critical behaviours.


Nature Materials