R. M. Geilhufe, V. Juričić, S. Bonetti, J.-X. Zhu, A. V. Balatsky“Dynamically induced magnetism in KTaO3”


Dynamical multiferroicity features entangled dynamic orders: fluctuating electric dipoles induce magnetization. Hence, the material with paraelectric fluctuations can develop magnetic signatures if dynamically driven. We identify the paraelectric KTaO3 (KTO) as a prime candidate for the observation of the dynamical multiferroicity. We show that when a KTO sample is exposed to a circularly polarized laser pulse, the dynamically induced ionic magnetic moments are of the order of 5% of the nuclear magneton per unit cell. We determine the phonon spectrum using ab initio methods, and we identify T1u as relevant phonon modes that couple to the external field and induce magnetic polarization. We also predict a corresponding electron effect for the dynamically induced magnetic moment, which is enhanced by several orders of magnitude due to the significant mass difference between electron and ionic nucleus.


Physical Review Research