Substrate enhanced superconductivity in Li-decorated graphene – T. P. Kaloni, A. V. Balatsky, U. Schwingenschlögl (2013)


We investigate the role of the substrate for the strength of the electron-phonon coupling in Li-decorated graphene. We find that the interaction with a h-BN substrate leads to a significant enhancement from $\lambda_0=0.62$ to $\lambda_1=0.67$ , which corresponds to a 25% increase of the transition temperature from $T_{c0}=10.33\ \text{K}$ to $T_{c1}=12.98\ \text{K}$ . The superconducting gaps amount to 1.56 meV (suspended) and 1.98 meV (supported). These findings open up a new route to enhanced superconducting transition temperatures in graphene-based materials by substrate engineering.


Europhysics Letters