Demitry Farfurnik (University of Maryland) – Coherence of Quantum Dots

Speaker: Demitry Farfurnik (University of Maryland) ( Location and time:  Online @ 4pm Stockholm time Zoom Link: Meeting ID: 618 0941 4846 Abstract: Self-assembled Quantum Dots (QD) exhibit some […]

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Asia Pacific-Nordita Meeting on Quantum Matter

NORDITA 11 Roslagstullsbacken, Stockholm

Recent exciting developments in topological matter, newly-discovered AdS and condensed matter connections, advances in quantum materials and machine learning applications to quantum matter open opportunities for a joint research in […]

Sang Wook Cheong (Rutgers) – Trompe L’oeil Ferromagnetism

 Sang Wook Cheong (Rutgers) - Trompe L'oeil FerromagnetismZoom Link: Zoom ID: 612 2695 0287Date: Monday Nov 30Time: 17.30 Stockholm timeTitle: Trompe L'oeil FerromagnetismAbstract: The characteristics of ferro-(ferri)magnetism with non-zero […]

Conference on Dynamic Quantum Matter and Materials

DQMM 2020 - Virtual Conference from Jacksonville, Florida, USA Hosted by UNF, UCONN, and NORDITA Dynamic Quantum Matter and Materials December 14th – 16th, 2020 Quantum matter and materials, like […]

Seminar – Prof. Akito Daido – Kyoto University

Spectral bulk-boundary correspondence of odd-frequency Cooper pairs Surface physics dominated by the bulk properties is attracting much attention. For example, bulk-boundary correspondence predicts topological surface states. Another important context where […]

Seminar – Prof. Björn Trauzettel – University of Würzburg

Direct detection of odd-frequency superconductivity Odd-frequency superconductivity is a dynamical phenomenon. The time-dependence of the anomalous Green function matters. Therefore, a dynamical response is needed to directly detect odd-frequency superconductivity. […]