Group Meeting

  Zoom details: Topic: Group Meeting Time: Apr 7, 2020 03:30 PM StockholmJoin Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 318 117 311 Password: dirac Schedule: Admin matters David Carvalho - An Update/Discussion about the group website Sumantha Bandyopadhyay - Informal research talk on non-Hermitian quantum systems.  

Paul McClarty(Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems) – Topological Magnons.

Date: Tuesday 28th April Time: 4pm Online via Zoom - (Meeting ID: 670 2116 3168) Title: Topological Magnons Abstract: I give an overview of the insights we and other people have had into the band topology of magnons and discuss in some detail three main topics from our work: (i) Neutron scattering intensity around […]

Michele Ceriotti – Symmetry, locality and long-range interactions in atomistic machine learning

Symmetry, locality and long-range interactions in atomistic machine learning ================================================= Machine learning models are proving to be extremely effective in predicting the properties of atomistic configurations of matter, circumventing the need for time consuming electronic structure calculations. The most succesful schemes achieve transferability by means of a local representation of structures, in which the problem […]

Demitry Farfurnik (University of Maryland) – Coherence of Quantum Dots

Speaker: Demitry Farfurnik (University of Maryland) ( Location and time:  Online @ 4pm Stockholm time Zoom Link: Meeting ID: 618 0941 4846 Abstract: Self-assembled Quantum Dots (QD) exhibit some of the best single photon emission properties, including nearly ideal efficiency and indistinguishability. As such, and considering their compatibility with nanofabrication techniques, on-chip integration of […]

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Asia Pacific-Nordita Meeting on Quantum Matter

NORDITA 11 Roslagstullsbacken, Stockholm

Recent exciting developments in topological matter, newly-discovered AdS and condensed matter connections, advances in quantum materials and machine learning applications to quantum matter open opportunities for a joint research in […]

Sang Wook Cheong (Rutgers) – Trompe L’oeil Ferromagnetism

 Sang Wook Cheong (Rutgers) - Trompe L'oeil FerromagnetismZoom Link: Zoom ID: 612 2695 0287Date: Monday Nov 30Time: 17.30 Stockholm timeTitle: Trompe L'oeil FerromagnetismAbstract: The characteristics of ferro-(ferri)magnetism with non-zero magnetization include magnetic attraction, magnetic circular dichroism, and magneto-optical Kerr (MOKE), Faraday, and various anomalous Hall-type (Hall, Ettingshausen, Nernst, and thermal Hall) effects. Non-magnetic or […]

Peter Litttlewood –  Dynamical phase transitions at many body exceptional point 

Seminar  - Peter Litttlewood -  Dynamical phase transitions at many body exceptional point   Zoom Link: Zoom ID: 677 7315 6040 Date: Tuesday Dec 8 Time: 4pm Stockholm time Abstract: Michel Fruchart, Ryo Hanai, Peter Littlewood, and Vincenzo Vitelli Spontaneous synchronization is at the core of many natural phenomena. Your heartbeat is maintained because cells […]

Conference on Dynamic Quantum Matter and Materials

DQMM 2020 - Virtual Conference from Jacksonville, Florida, USA Hosted by UNF, UCONN, and NORDITA Dynamic Quantum Matter and Materials December 14th – 16th, 2020 Quantum matter and materials, like topological states, 2D materials, and Dirac and Weyl materials has grown to be an active area of modern condensed matter. Fascinating properties of quantum materials […]