New course on Modern Condensed Matter taught by Theoretical Quantum Matter lecturers

A new course for the upcoming semester will be taught mostly by TQM lecturers. The lectures will focus on various aspects of Modern Condensed Matter and will be taught by:

  • A. V. Balatsky (Nordita)
  • M. Månsson (KTH)
  • S. Bonetti (SU)
  • J. Weissenrieder (KTH)
  • V. Juricic (Nordita)
  • M. Geilhufe (Nordita)
  • J. Helsvik (Nordita)
  • H. Rostami (Nordita)

The course is intended for advanced graduate students. Prerequisites are QM1, QM2. The essential topics will include: Experimental techniques: neutron scattering, ARPES, optics. We also will discuss collective behavior, transport theory, band structure, quantum phase transitions, magnetism,  superconductivity and superfluidity,  correlated materials and machine learning and data informatics applied to electronic materials, topological states.

For more information on how to enrol, contact the relevant people by visiting the official page here.

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